All committees of this organization will be appointed by the Board of Directors and their term of office will be for a period of one year or less if sooner terminated by the action of the Board of Directors.


The Technical Committees work under the coordination of the President and they are in charge, within the limit of their competencies, of the establishment and the implementation of any of the following actions:


     To reinforce the Association to execute the ideas mentioned in the status.

     To strengthen the ties of solidarity between the members for their economic, social, and cultural progress.

     As the Chair of every Committee is elected a President in charge of the coordination and animation.


The technical Committees are:

        - The Culture and Education Committee

        - The Social Committee

        - The Committee for Women and Families


The Culture and Education Committee has the following purpose:

        1. To promote the education of young immigrants from Greater Boghé Area in American Colleges and Universities;

        2. To enhance the integration of adult immigrants in North America; and

        3. To organize shows, conferences, and seminars.


The Social Committee has the following purpose:

        1. To solve problems and social affairs between the members.

        2. To report and assist any member in difficulties


The Committee for Women and Families has the following purpose:

        1. To organize the integration of immigrant women and their families in the North America.

        2. To create activities exclusively for women and children in North America.



Social and Cultural Activities Committee Members:

    - Mariata Djigo – President

    - Samba M’baye – Deputy

    - Moyna N’diath – Member

    - Tabara Yall – Member

    - Fatimettou Ly - Member



WhatsApp GBA Communication forum

A committee in charge of overseeing and running the GBA Communication forum was created by the Executive Bureau and it is composed of:

    - Amadou Coumba Ba – Manager/Administrator

    - Bachirou Barro – Admin

    - Sileymane Lo – Admin

    - Mokhtar Boye – Admin

    - Amadiou Mika Dia – Admin

    - Fatimata Dia - Admin