Resolutions of past sessions of the general assembly: September 3rd 2016


Project – 1: Education

Due to expenditure freezing back home, no changes or new ideas were adopted by the General Assembly.


Project- 2: Revision of the bylaws

The selected commission to review the bylaws remains the same and the GA is asking this commission to make all necessary recommendations to accommodate with the GBA vision.


Project -3: How to generate more money for GBA treasurer

The General Assembly had decided to continue to freeze expenditure to Africa and recommended the GBA Board to focus on doing more social activities in the US that could bring people together and regenerate more money for the Association.


Project -4: Procedures to generate more money

The fundraising commission had been created. The GA is asking this commission to do more fundraising activities that will generate money for the GBA. The chapters are encouraged to keep working harder to get more people involve in the cause of GBA by contributing money, ideas, etc..