Resolutions of past sessions of the general assembly : October 29, 20113


1. A committee of five members was created to study the cost of the shipping and evaluate the material obtained by both chapters Columbus, Cincinnati and Mariata N’Gaidé to see if it is worthwhile compared to the cost of the shipment. Three deadlines over the course of 3 months are set.


2. Fundraising: One of the most challenging tasks is how to raise money toward the shipment of the Medical equipment promised by C.U.R.E Project. Different suggestions on how to proceed were made such as: GBA members contribution, Fundraising outside the GBA within the US, Writing Grants, Contacting the US Embassy in Mauritania, contacting local people in Boghé and those residing outside Boghé with by ADM leading the task to help us?, using GBA funds if possible. The Executive Board along with the Board of Directors is assigned to reflect on these suggestions and come up with a plan on how to raise funds.


3. Some members have expressed their desire to see GBA taking care of its own members through focusing on some social activities. As a result, the General Assembly has adopted at the discretion of the executive Board to extend the General Assembly to two Days, one day will be social gathering where members can bring their families. This will also give the kids get a chance to know each others as they will be the future members of GBA. The second day will be the day of General Assembly or vice versa. More details will be provided by the board.


4. Some members have expressed their concern about meeting every two years vs. once a year due to lack of time and expenses. All members have agreed upon meeting once a year as it will strengthen the relationship between members and force people to work and follow up on things.


5. Most members have also raised their concern about organizing the General Assembly during the month of July or August. All members have unanimously agreed upon moving the date from October to August 1st. The Board and Chapter organizer will decide the exact date of the GA in August of 2012, make sure, it will not be on Ramadan days.


6. The General Assembly has agreed by vote to levy each GBA member to contribute at least $100.00 in 3 months from today to help raise money toward the shipment of the material that will be provided by C.U.R.E Project. All chapters are asked to meet and discuss with their members.


7. Members have also suggested that the executive Bureau get in touch with the Boghé Diaspora in France to work with them hand in hand toward helping with the establishment of the hospital or medical facility that GBA has lined up as a major project in the future.


8. Finally, the attendees of the General assembly have shown their satisfaction of the work done by ADM, Mayor of Boghé, BA Adama Moussa, Kalidou BA (Mazda) etc… in helping financially and facilitating the task of the Medical Assessor sent by C.U.R.E Project to do his work accordingly. As a result, the executive Board and the board of Directors are asked to draft a letter to ADM thanking them for playing a key role toward facilitating this noble act. Please see the letter of ADM along with their future strategic planning.