Resolutions of past sessions of the general assembly : October 17, 2009


- Approved continued support to the Medical Team: dollars per year to be renewed and/or amended each year upon approval of the GA.


provide financial aid when solicited from Mauritania and deemed legitimate, like major catastrophes etc...


The GA decided that was too much power in the hand of the executive Board that could open the door to abuse The GA approved: if such event occurs, to proceed by a voluntary collect of donations rather than using GBA funds Find ways of fund raising - Get a solicitation permit.


- Approved that each member shall donate $ 100 each year towards the hospital project in addition to the membership fees.


- Improve collaboration with the New York chapter.


- Improve communication with ADM


- Organize a family reunion in parallel of the GA to strengthen our ties and help our kids know each other. GA gives the new Board to study the issue.