Resolutions of past sessions of the general assembly : October 25, 2008


- The Assembly has approved overwhelmingly Fedde Dental Halaybe to represent GBA in Mauritania given the dynamism and good reputation of this organization.


- The executive board was mandated to write a letter to the informal committee put in place in June 2007 in Nouakchott during the visit of GBA’s president to inform them that GBA has decided to work with Fedde Dental Halaybe to promote the project to build or/and to equip a hospital in Boghé.


- The GA approved the payment of an annual subscription for a new web page ( and appointed BA Amadou Coumba as its administrator.


- The GA instructed the Executive board to meet every 2 months.


- The GA decided to donate one thousand dollars ($1000) to assist the medical team for the calendar year 2009. Prior to send this donation to the medical team, the GA instructed the executive board to officially notify the mobile medical team about the intent of the GBA to donate $1000 to support its activities and request from this team to provide to the GBA a detailed action plan for 2009 and a written statement of the areas in which they most need help.


- Information about a project to build a hospital in Boghé by the state of Mauritania; according to a document of the ministry of health, the Government is working on a project to transform the medical center of Boghé into a hospital. If this project holds, GBA will then redirect its efforts towards helping to equip the new hospital.


- The GA adopted the document of “general mobilization” as a vehicle to promote the hospital project at home and around the world.