Resolutions of past sessions of the general assembly : October 23, 2007


- The Assembly expressed the need to recognize the association and gives a mandate to the new office to carry out this task.


- The Assembly approved enthusiastically draft contractures of a hospital Boghé and has entrusted the Bureau's mission to create a commission to manage the project.


- Create a fund for the project from the hospital through fundraising.


- Assist the mobile medical team already on the ground.


- Create a documentary whose goal is to draw attention to the deplorable health situation in the locality Boghé.


- Encourage women to take part in the activities of the association.


- Create a commission that IT will be responsible for creating an official website of the association; task that was entrusted to the cell of Arizona that has already started working on this project.


- The Assembly expresses the need to move the date of the annual general meeting in the summer or spring to allow members of the cells of Arizona, Nevada and New York for travel more easily and thus the encouraged to participate in AG.


- The Assembly provides the latest amendments to the rules of procedure and adopt the official name of GBA (Greater Boghé Association) which will be broadcast via Boghé Google groups.